1. Orders
1.1. By placing an order in the online store, the customer remains bound by the terms of the selected articles and services within five days of the order date. After this period, SwiftCarbon reserves the right to update the values of the articles and services. In this case, and after the five days, if the customer wishes to finalize the purchase, he will have to assume the value updated and visible in the online store at the time of order confirmation. 
1.2. The costumer must register and authenticate to the online store, or enter as guest, where he must accept these General Terms & Conditions.
1.3. The filling of data and the provision of information by the customer, as well as the respective verification, are exclusive responsibility of him.
1.4. The online store provides the following methods of payment: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer (IBAN).
1.5. After order confirmation by the customer, SwiftCarbon will confirm it by email.
1.6. Within 24 hours after sending an electronic message to the customer, the payment of the order will be confirmed by SwiftCarbon, being issued and sent to him the invoice with purchased items, which will also be visible and available for download in the Customer's Personal Area at www.swiftcarbon.linux.fullscreen.pt (if he's registered).
1.7. The confirmation of payment by SwiftCarbon, within the indicated period, without any opposition on the part of the final customer is assumed, contractually, as acceptance of the order.
1.8. Any customer is authorized to cancel the order within a maximum of 14 days after the date of order delivery, under the right of free resolution (Decree-Law n.º 24/2014, of 14th of February) and in accordance with the return policy, which is provided together with the confirmation of the receipt of the order.

2. Order Shipping
2.1. SwiftCarbon assumes only the timely and correct shipment of the product to the carrier and is not responsible for the delays caused by it. The estimated time for sending the order in the online store is therefore not binding.
2.2. SwiftCarbon will ship the order to the customer within 12-15 business days after receiving the payment of it, being the time of transport total responsibility of the contracted carrier for this purpose.
2.3. If the product is visible in the online store as "Sold Out", the customer can request an email alert when the product is available again. When you receive this alert, SwiftCarbon guarantees the delivery of the product to the customer until 24h after receiving the payment of the order, being the time of transport total responsibility of the contracted carrier for this purpose.
2.4. The customer can monitor the status of the shipment through the platform of the carrier responsible for it. After confirmation of the order payment, will be sent a link to the costumer allowing the tracking of the order. From here, the customer can follow the entire process from the SwiftCarbon factory to delivery in the address previously indicated by the customer.
2.5. If the customer is not available to pick up the order, it is his total responsibility to contact the carrier and mange a new delivery date. The carrier contacts can be found on the delivery attempt notice left in the customer's address.


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